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CBD Isolate: An In-Depth Guide

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CBD is a powerful component of cannabis that gives the user all kinds of medical perks, including pain relief, anxiety reduction, and better sleep. CBD comes in many forms, including Pills, Edibles, and Oils. Many of these are made using CBD Isolate.

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD available. It’s created using an extraction process which separates CBD from THC and other cannabinoids, leaving you with 99% pure CBD crystals. While you can use CBD Isolate by itself, it’s often used to create other CBD-infused products. CBD Edibles, Tinctures, Pills, and more are often made using pure CBD Isolate.

The benefit of this is that you get pure CBD product without any traces of the psychoactive compound THC. It’s often extracted from hemp plants, making it pure, safe, and legal, even in US states where THC is still prohibited. Here’s an in-depth guide to CBD Isolate, how it’s made, how it’s used, and more.

What Is CBD Isolate?

In basic terms, CBD Isolate is a form of 99% pure CBD. Whole plant CBD often contains THC and other cannabinoids, whereas CBD Isolate contains nothing but cannabidiol. It comes in crystal form but is often turned into powder to make it easy to use and imbue in other CBD products.

While you may have never used CBD Isolate, it’s in many of the products you’re familiar with. Things like pills, edibles, and other popular CBD products often get their content from CBD Isolate. Thanks to its powdered form, it can be used easily in all kinds of products to offer up the medical benefits of CBD in its best form.

CBD Isolate is used for its potency. It’ll give you strong medical effects, such as quick pain and anxiety relief in addition to preventing a range of serious health problems. It’s also useful as it separates CBD from THC.

How Is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD Isolate is generally extracted from hemp plants or hemp oil. Multiple processes can be used, such as ethanol extraction and CO2 extraction. A method called chromatography is also used to help separate CBD from the rest of the chemical compounds.

The processes can be somewhat complicated, and pure CBD Isolate is often made using industrial lab equipment. However, the process involves filtering and separating the plant materials so you’re left with just CBD and nothing else.

After extraction, a process called decarboxylation is used. This entails heating the cannabinoids to convert CBDA, CBD’s acidic form, into pure CBD. This makes the finished product highly bioavailable, resulting in the most potent effects possible.

The process is usually carried out in a lab. However, CBD Isolate is available to buy for those who wish to use it to make their own potent high-CBD products.

How to use CBD Isolate

Pure CBD Isolate often comes in crystal form or ground down into powder. This makes it easy to use it in a variety of different ways.

  • Under Your Tongue – The easiest method to use CBD Isolate is by simply placing a small amount under your tongue for around 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This absorbs the CBD into your bloodstream for fast effects.
  • Making CBD Oil – CBD Isolate is very easy to dissolve into all kinds of oil. You can create your own CBD Oil to vape or add it to cooking oil to make your own edible CBD creations. This will result in your own potent homemade CBD products.
  • Edibles – In addition to cooking oil, CBD isolate can be absorbed into butter or other fatty food products. You can use these for baking and other foods for easy CBD edibles.
  • Vaping or Dabbing – You can also use CBD Isolate in a vaporizer or dabbing rig. It has a vaporization point of around 180-200 degrees Celsius. It won’t get you high, but inhaling it this way can give you a nice relaxing effect and deliver CBD straight to your bloodstream.
  • Mixing With Other Products – CBD Isolate can also be added to other CBD products to increase the levels of CBD. For instance, you can add it to your vape juice, oils or tinctures. It can also be added to THC products to add some extra therapeutic benefits.

If you have pure CBD crystals or powers, you can use them in all kinds of products. However, most users tend to buy readymade CBD products which contain CBD Isolate rather than making their own.

What products use CBD Isolate?

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While CBD Isolate can be used in its powder form, it’s more commonly ingested in different ways. Many different kinds of products get their CBD content from CBD Isolate, making them especially effective for medical use.

  • CBD Pills are usually made with CBD Isolate. Pills and capsules make it quick and convenient to consume CBD, giving you all-around positive effects. They’re ideal for patients who need the effects in a simple manner without vaping, smoking or eating anything.
  • Many CBD Edibles are also made using CBD Isolate. This results in pure CBD products that contain no THC. Many users prefer this as it won’t get you high or make you fail a blood test. What’s more, it makes for an easy and enjoyable way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.
  • CBD Oil can also be created using CBD Isolate. CBD Oil can be used in many ways- the most popular being by using it in a vape pen. It can also be taken by putting it under the tongue, ingesting it or using it in food and drinks.
  • Tinctures and Topicals often also use pure CBD. Tinctures allow you to ingest CBD easily, whereas Topicals are used by applying to your skin.

CBD Isolate is fairly simple to add to anything, and many people use it to produce their own homemade CBD products or cooking. Some users even add it to other THC or CBD products to up the dosage.

Will CBD Isolate Get You High?

No. While CBD products with high levels of THC will give you psychoactive effects, all THC is removed from CBD Isolates. Pure CBD products won’t make you high or give you any psychoactive effects- you will simply get the medical benefits of cannabis.

What’s more, you won’t risk failing a drug test by using any pure CBD product. While THC makes you test positive for marijuana, CBD won’t. That means you can use CBD Isolate without any worries about drug testing.

CBD can give you some calming and relaxing effects. The cannabinoid is known for its pain relieving qualities, and it can also boost your energy. However, these are not intoxicating and much milder than what you would experience from cannabis or any THC product.

Health Effects of CBD Isolate

Much like other CBD products, CBD Isolate gives you a range of positive health effects.

CBD is most commonly used for pain relief. There are plenty of studies to show that CBD is effective in reducing pain and inflammation. It’s often used for things such as arthritis, joint pains, muscle aches and strains, and injuries. It also has healing properties.

It’s also used often for anxiety relief. For some people, THC can increase anxiety. There is much evidence to support that CBD can help treat generalized anxiety disorder, OCD, social anxiety disorder, PTSD, and other kinds of anxiety.

Additionally, CBD helps in the treatment and often prevention of various serious health issues. There’s a lot of evidence to show that CBD is effective in reducing epileptic seizures for certain types of epilepsy. It can also help with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and some mental health issues such as schizophrenia.

Cannabidiol has been shown to have anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety effects. It can also help with general de-stressing and relaxation. CBD Isolate gives you a potent dose of CBD, making it fantastic for treating various kinds of problems or simply improving your overall health.

What are the benefits of CBD Isolate?

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While all CBD products will give you more or less the same medical benefits, there are a few advantages to using CBD Isolate over others.

CBD Isolate removes all other cannabinoids. This makes it highly potent and bioavailable. It will act on your body and give you the benefits of CBD fast. What’s more, no added THC means you won’t experience any psychoactive effects and you won’t fail on a drug test.

It’s also very easy to use. There are various ways to use CBD Isolate that are quick, simple, and convenient. Many CBD products on the market are made with CBD Isolate, making it simple for users to buy and use it.

What are the negatives of using CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolates are great for many reasons, but there are a few drawbacks which may make you want to stick with other products.

Using CBD Isolate in crystal or powder form might not be as pleasant and convenient for many people. If you like to enjoy your cannabis-intake, you can always take CBD Edibles or vape CBD Oils containing pure cannabidiol.

A 2015 study found that the effects of CBD Isolate may not last as long as other methods. While you can always use more, some users may prefer to smoke a high-CBD strain or marijuana or use edibles for sustained medical benefits.

It’s also noted that pure CBD isn’t necessarily the best route for everyone. THC and other cannabinoids also offer helpful medical benefits. If you aren’t worried about getting high, you might want to try a product with both THC and CBD. Alternatively, those who purely want medical effects can use other CBD products which aren’t isolated.

The choice mainly comes down to your personal preference. Pure CBD can give you great medical effects, and isolated CBD products can be fast and convenient. However, you may still prefer to use other types or a mix of products.

What are the alternatives to CBD Isolate?

There are many other ways to use CBD or cannabis in general. While CBD Isolate is a good choice for many, you may want to look into alternative options.

Many marijuana strains, especially indica strains, offer a high amount of cannabidiol. This allows you to experience the psychoactive effects of marijuana while still getting a range of medical benefits. The experience is pleasurable for many and if you’re not worried about getting high, this is a good choice.

Various other CBD products are available in all forms. Some contain whole plant CBD, which contains other cannabinoids. Others have a mixture of both THC and CBD. This may be preferable to some who want the benefits of other cannabinoids.

The opposite to CBD Isolate is THC Distillate. You can find many pure THC products which allow you to experience pure THC, such as THC Crystalline. These will get you high, making them better for recreational users, although you will also get medical benefits.

Is CBD Isolate Legal?

It can depend on where you live, but for the most part, buying and using CBD Isolate won’t get you in any legal trouble. As CBD Isolates are derived from hemp and don’t contain THC, they circumvent many laws that prevent the use of cannabis products.

The new Canada Cannabis Laws will make it much easier for citizens to access and use CBD products. Providing you are over 19 (18 in Quebec and Alberta) you will have no issue purchasing. Even in the United States, most states which bar marijuana allow low-THC CBD products, making CBD Isolates safe and legal to use.

At GreenSociety.ca, you can buy CBD products online without a medical license. All you need is some proof of age. All products are available for delivery across Canadian provinces.


If you’re looking to reduce pain, relieve anxiety or improve your mental and physical health, CBD Isolates are a good choice. You’ll get the powerful medical effects of pure CBD in a safe and convenient way.

CBD products are becoming more popular in the medical community as time goes on. Research continues to show that cannabidiol helps with all kinds of health issues. What’s more, there are no serious side effects, making it the safest way to get the medical benefits of cannabis.

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