DIY Recipe: Marijuana-Infused Topical for Pain Relief

Marijuana-Infused Topical for Pain Relief DIY

Many people enjoy using marijuana because they believe it offers relief from some types of pain. And if you are just getting into the world of marijuana, topicals are a great starting point. A topical lets you get your dose of cannabis without having to ingest it. That means it will not have any psychoactive side effects.

Why Choose Topicals?

However, you will still get the potential benefits of higher levels of THC, which might just help to fight some of your pain. When you apply a topical to your body, it will not enter your bloodstream. When the epidermis absorbs the cannabinoids, it is likely that they bind to your skinโ€™s endocannabinoid receptors. That may help relieve pain in that area without affecting the rest of your body.

Marijuana topicals may be good for people who are still unsure about using this substance. If someone is unsure about using marijuana, they may be more likely to use a topical. That might be because they will not experience a high, which is seen as a negative side effect by some people.

Topicals are also used by some people as an alternative to more invasive pain treatment options. For example, some pain medications may make users addicted to them. Other products target the entire body, which is not necessary when the pain is localized.

With topicals, you can place your treatment right on the uncomfortable area, whether that is from cramping, headaches, swelling, or even chronic pain. People who have conditions such as chronic back pain or arthritis turn to cannabis topicals for potential relief.

Making Your Own Cannabis Products

Making Your Own Cannabis Products

It is very easy to make your own topicals, and you can customize them depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose a cannabis strain that is based on the level and type of cannabinoids in it. Some people enjoy using certain strains that are targeted to their condition. For example, some people who need to reduce their inflammation use CBD strains. On the other hand, users who have acute or chronic pain often enjoy using strains that are higher in THC

To make your own personalized cannabis topical, you will begin with coconut oil that has been infused with marijuana. If you want something simple and easy, you can use that by itself, since coconut oil is great for moisturizing your skin without clogging your pores. But if you want something that is more customized, you can add other ingredients that can be nourishing for your skin, such as shea butter or olive oil.

How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil 

To begin, you will need around 450 grams of organic coconut oil. You will also need a few grams of your choice of dried and ground marijuana and some water. For tools, you need a slow cooker, metal strainer, thermometer, and cheesecloth.

First, put the coconut oil in your slow cooker on top of some water, so the oil floats. Then, put the slow cooker on high. Stir the contents every so often until it has liquefied. Gently mix in your marijuana and stir it enough that the powder is soaked up.

Now, put in the thermometer and keep an eye on it. Once the temperature is around 120 degrees Celsius, put the slow cooker on low. Make sure that you do not let your mixture get any higher than 160 degrees Celsius, because the THC may burn off.

The mixture should sit for 12 hours before you turn off the heat. Take the pot out of the slow cooker and let it cool so you can safely pour it.

To strain the mixture, you will use a metal strainer placed in a bowl with two layers of cheesecloth covering it. Then, pour the mixture into the strainer, using a spatula to scrape everything out of your slow cooker. Squeeze the cheesecloth to get all of the liquid out. You can save the leftover marijuana for later if you want.

Allow your infused oil to solidify in your fridge for a few hours. It will begin to separate then. Once it is cooled, you can remove the separated oil from the water in the bowl.

How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil

A Simple Recipe Using Your Infused Oil

To start with, you will need about 227 grams of your infused coconut oil. Then, add 57 grams of olive oil. Finally, you will need 57 grams total of your choice of cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, or a combination.

If you want it to smell good, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. If you want to use your topical to relax at the end of the day, you might go with lavender oil. On the other hand, both mint and tea tree oil can give you a more invigorating effect. Mint, in particular, can make your skin feel cool, which may be a good option if you get sunburned.

First, you will melt the ingredients over a double boiler. But do not add the essential oil yet. Once everything is melted, take it off the stove and mix in your essential oil.

Now, allow the mixture to cool until it is partly solid. Use a stand or a hand mixer to whip it until it is smooth. You can then place it in a glass container to cool all of the way.

Closing Thoughts

You can adjust the cannabis topical to be any strength that you want. You might choose to use a little less infused coconut oil if you do not want it to be as strong. On the other hand, you may need to add some more herb to the coconut oil if you want to try to treat severe pain

You can also look for other skin-friendly ingredients to substitute or add. For example, you can avoid using beeswax if you want a completely vegan topical. Both cocoa butter and shea butter are good alternatives. 

No matter what you use, it is a good idea to start out slowly if you are using cannabis for the first time.

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