What is ‘Shatter’ Marijuana

What is Shatter Marijuana

While trying out all of the different marijuana strains can last you a lifetime, there are now even more marijuana products to try out. In addition to all of the Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and Vape Juices out there, there’s also a variety of marijuana concentrates that provide a potent high. Some popular forms include Hash, Budder, Live Resin, and of course, Shatter.

These concentrates are made by extracting THC from marijuana, resulting in an extra-strong product that can get you seriously high with just a small amount. You can also use them in various ways, whether you prefer smoking, vaping or dabbing. So what is ‘Shatter’ marijuana, how do you use it, and where can you get it? Here’s what you need to know.

What is ‘Shatter’ Marijuana?

Shatter is one of the most popular types of marijuana concentrates. It’s instantly recognizable from its amber and glass-like appearance, often containing holes that make it look like a more translucent slice of cheddar cheese. It’s high in THC, easy-to-use, and provides an amazing high.

While strains of marijuana flower are usually around 25% in their THC content at the highest, Shatter usually consists of 80% THC or even more. It’s made by blasting marijuana with solvents to extract the THC-packed trichomes and then purifying it to remove unwanted contaminants. The remaining product is a pure and potent marijuana product with intense effects.

There are many kinds of cannabis concentrates, but Shatter has become one of the most common. You can find it in many strains and use it in many ways, making it a highly versatile and useful product. If you want the effects of THC but want something stronger than weed, Shatter is a great option for you.

What are the Effects of Shatter

What are the Effects of Shatter?

Since Shatter is extracted from marijuana, it’ll give you the same general effects. You can choose between indica strains for relaxation, sativa strains for stimulation, and hybrid strains for a mix of both. However, the difference between Shatter strains and marijuana is that they’ll give you much stronger effects.

Shatter is extremely high in THC, much more so than weed. As such, you can get high multiple times even with just one gram of Shatter product. Different strains will give you different effects and flavors, but all of them will deliver consistently powerful effects.

These products make for a good option for users who want something stronger than weed. You still have the same diversity with so many strains to choose from, but Shatter will hit you harder and give you a sustained high with incredibly enjoyable effects.

How to Use Shatter

When it comes to using Shatter, you have a few viable options. Vaping is probably the most common, but you can also mix it with weed before you smoke or even use a special piece of equipment known as a Dab Rig for extra powerful hits.

To smoke Shatter, you’ll have to mix it with weed. You can add lines or dabs of Shatter to a joint after adding your weed for an extra kick of THC. Alternatively, add some small pieces along with your weed to the bowl of your bong or pipe. You won’t be able to smoke Shatter by itself- it won’t burn well and can damage your bowl if you use it in a bong or pipe.

Vaping is a fantastic option for using Shatter. You’ll need a vape pen or vaporizer with a coil that’s designed for cannabis concentrates, but if you have one, you’ll get extremely pure and potent hits. Just add a dab of Shatter to the chamber, press the button on your vape to heat the Shatter, and enjoy the powerful and fast-acting draws you’ll get from it. Vaping gives you a stronger high and more flavor than smoking.

Dabbing is a method that’s used purely for concentrates such as shatter. You’ll need a Dab Rig- a special kind of bong that uses a Quartz banger or a “Dab Nail” instead of a bowl. Heat the banger thoroughly with a blow torch then apply a small dab of shatter. It’ll vaporize instantly and you’ll be able to take an extremely strong hit from the mouthpiece.

How to Use Shatter

Where to Buy Shatter

Shatter is a popular product, and many cannabis stores across Canada now sell it. However, the best way to get it is to buy Shatter online. Green Society offers various great strains of Shatter, and you can choose the best one for you depending on the kind of flavor and effects you’re looking for. Here are some of the best Shatter products to choose from.

Green Supreme Shatter – Green Supreme creates a range of medical-grade Shatter strains that are perfect for all purposes. You have the choice between a few different strains- Grapefruit, Gorilla Glue #4, and King Louis XIII. Whether you want the amazingly fruity flavor of Grapefruit, the intensely sedating effects of Gorilla Glue or the indica-dominant properties of King Louis XIII, all of these are great choices.

XO Extracts Premium Shatter – XO Extracts is another top brand that creates amazing strains of Shatter. They offer tons of options, including Death Bubba, Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies, Mango Haze, Master Kush, OG Kush, and more. Whether you want an indica, sativa or hybrid strain, there’s a suitable option for you.

Big Bang Concentrates Shatter – Big Bang Concentrates brings you some of the most unique and powerful Shatter strains. These strains are known for their space-themed names and spacy effects. You have a choice between Space Dawg, Blue Galaxy, Area 51, Pandora’s Box, and KABOOM, all of which will offer an enjoyable high.


If you enjoy marijuana but want something stronger, Shatter is an amazing choice. It’s easy to break up and use in a joint, bowl, vaporizer or dab rig, and it’ll give you a hard-hitting high every time. You can also choose from a wide range of Shatter strains depending on the kind of effects you want.

There are also various other concentrates you can try, such as Hash, Phoenix Tears, and Distillates. You can find all of these and more available for nationwide delivery at GreenSociety.ca.

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