Exploring Temple Ball Hash and How to Make a Hash Ball

Exploring Temple Ball Hash and How to Make a Hash Ball

Temple ball hash may be a complete mystery to you. They are part of a long-standing tradition within the cannabis culture, dating back thousands of years. Temple balls are hashish, which consists of all the compounds found in the cannabis plant. The most common practice is rolling the plant matter into a sticky ball that you ingest. Temple balls are part of the dry concentrate category of cannabis products. You’ll find dozens of different options in that category, including wax and concentrates. There are also vape pens and other dry concentrates like kief that fall into this group.

Hashish temple balls are part of the cultural history in places such as Nepal. They became popular among people in North America during the 1960s and 1970s. In more recent years, they’ve become staples of the scene in Amsterdam.

Temple Ball Hash

Before learning how to make hash balls, you may want to dive into what exactly you’ll be using in your creation.

There are many similarities between hashish and marijuana. After all, hashish and marijuana come from raw cannabis flowers. Cannabis plants contain hundreds of compounds, including terpenes and trichomes. Those compounds are part of dozens of recreational and medicinal cannabis products.

Marijuana is the dried cannabis flower that users smoke through a variety of methods. Hashish is made from the resin that forms on the tips of the cannabis flower, which contains the majority of the trichomes and terpenes in the plant.

Hashish and other cannabis concentrates are more potent than dry cannabis flowers. That’s because these products use concentrated levels of compounds found in cannabis plants.

The majority of concentrated cannabis products have about 50% THC concentration. Some hash balls have shown as much as 80% THC concentration. Many wax, vape, and dry concentrates are growing in popularity in Canada for two reasons. The first reason is they are now legal and have been for about a year. The second reason people like them so much is their potency.

Some people look at using these as getting more bang for your buck. You don’t need to use as much of a concentrate as you would cannabis flower to reach the same desired effect.

Concentrated amounts of cannabis plant compounds help create most cannabis concentrates.

Some concentrates isolate compounds or terpenes, while other concentrates use the entire cannabis plant or flower. Those products are in the category of whole-flower concentrates.

How to Make Temple Balls or Hash Balls

How to Make Temple Balls or Hash Balls

It sounds archaic, but sometimes the original method of making something is still the best, even decades in the future. Temple hash balls require using your hand and dried cannabis and nothing else. The most straightforward process of making temple balls is rolling the dried cannabis flower around with your fingers for an extensive amount of time. The idea is to concentrate the compounds and particles in the flower bud and press the resin from the rest of the plant. Rolling the resin until it forms a ball is also helping to activate the THC.

There are many different suggestions about how long you should roll the flower around in your fingers. Don’t be surprised if you notice some brown goo getting on your fingers during this process. Resin and cannabis compounds are sticky. The longer you roll it around, the more the ball of the hash will start to pick up the residue from your hands.

Many people enjoy the process of making hash balls because the rolling motion is repetitive and meditative. Making one of these balls will need a substantial amount of cannabis flower, especially if you want to create a decent-sized product. For most people who use hash balls, the ideal final product will be shiny and smooth to the touch.

Another option for making hash balls is using a dry sift box, which you can find just about anywhere. Inside the sifting box are several layers of screens that help separate the resin and compounds from the cannabis flower. The smaller resin particles fall through the sifter screens, landing in a separate box away from the rest of the plant.

The biggest key to making hash balls is giving yourself plenty of time no matter which method you’re using. These concentrated products aren’t difficult to make, but they are time-consuming. That’s probably why many people enjoy them as a way to occupy their hands in times of boredom or relaxation.

How to Use Hash Balls

If you’re searching for the easiest way to ingest a hash ball, try adding it to your one-hitter pipe or joint. Not only is this a fast and effective way of using your product, but it will also make it last longer. You can also use this method to help control the amount you’re consuming each time. Smoking a small amount at a time prevents you from using up all your product at once.

If you’re a little more high-tech about your cannabis consumption, you can try your hash ball with a dab rig. A dab rig is an excellent tool for using your hash ball. Use it in the same way you would a wax concentrate.

Start by picking off a small piece of the concentrate and placing it on the nail.  From there, you inhale the vapours that move up the chamber and through the mouthpiece.

How to Use Hash Balls

Closing Thoughts

The dry sift method of making hash balls will usually create more product in the end. If you choose to roll the cannabis flower in your hands and fingers, you may end up with less product. That is if you compare it to what you get from dry sifting.

The final product will be waxy and sticky so that you can use it with those other devices like dab rigs. When you’re rolling the flower, make sure you don’t press or squeeze it too hard. Using too much pressure can cause the flower to break apart and crumble before it ever has a chance to bind into a hash ball.

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