Hash vs Weed: What’s the Difference?

Hash vs Weed What’s the Difference

It’s amazing just how many ways you can get the effects of marijuana these days. But while some users may prefer handy cannabis-infused products such as Tinctures and Edibles, two of the most traditional and popular cannabis products are Hash and Weed. So Hash vs Weed: what’s the difference?

In short, weed refers to the dried and cured flowers harvested from marijuana plants. You might also know it as a bud, kush or simply marijuana. Hash is a cannabis concentrate made by extracting the resin from weed and compressing it into a solid, high-THC block. Both of these products can be beneficial and both can be used in various ways. Here’s a guide to Hash vs Weed.

Hash vs Weed: What’s the Difference?

Hash and Weed are both marijuana products that have been around for a very long time. Most users are more than familiar with weed- the dried and cured buds of marijuana that you can easily smoke or vape. However, Hash or Hashish is even more popular in some cultures and dates back to 12th century Egypt.

Weed is made by harvesting the flowers of cannabis plants, drying them, and curing them. This results in a dry herbal product that’s easy to smoke or vaporize. Weed contains trichomes full of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes which are released when it’s subjected to high heat. This is why smoking or vaping weed gets you high.

Users looking for something stronger than weed will enjoy Hash. Hash is made by extracting the trichomes of weed and compressing them into a solid, dark block of resin. There are many methods of making Hash from simply rubbing resin together with your hands to using dry ice to freeze and separate the trichomes from marijuana buds. Whichever way, you end up with a powerful cannabis concentrate.

These products differ significantly in their texture. Hash is brown and solid and needs to be heated before being crumbled into a joint, bowl or vaporizer. Weed is simply a dry herbal product that’s easy to grind for smoking or vaping purposes. However, the main difference is how potent they are. While strains of weed usually contain around 15-25% THC, Hash can contain as high as 60-80% THC.

How To Use Hash

How To Use Hash

If you want potent THC effects, then Hash is a great option. Even a small amount of Hash contains a great deal of THC, meaning you only need to use a pinch of Hash for a strong high. The effects you’ll get depend on the strain and type of Hash. Generally, you’ll experience the same kind of effects you would from the strain of weed it’s extracted from- only stronger.

One of the most common ways to use Hash is to mix it into a joint. When you heat Hash, it becomes soft and pliable, allowing you to crumble it into small pieces. You may want to mix Hash with weed or tobacco in a joint to ensure it burns more easily.

Alternatively, you can also smoke Hash in a Pipe or Bong. Again, you should crumble it up first and you may want to mix it with weed or tobacco for easier burning. Smoking with a Pipe or Bong usually gives you much stronger hits, so be careful.

Vaporizing Hash is another great option, although you’ll need a Vape Pen that’s compatible with Hash. This usually involves placing a small dab of Hash in the chamber of your vaporizer, turning it on, and taking a long, smooth hit when it’s ready. You might want to add some hemp fiber to the bottom of your chamber to avoid the Hash sticking.

How To Use Weed

Although Hash is stronger, many users still prefer to use weed. Weed costs much less per-gram and, although Hash may contain higher levels of concentrated THC, you can still find potent strains of weed and have more control over how high you get. Plus, there are plenty of easy ways to use weed.

Rolling weed into a joint is simple. You’ll need to grind your weed first to ensure that it burns smoothly. You can then place your ground weed in the middle of a rolling paper with a crutch at the edge and roll it into a satisfying cone. Weed burns well in a joint and you may even want to mix a couple of strains for unique effects.

Smoking weed in a Pipe or Bong is even simpler. Just place a small amount in your bowl, light, and inhale. While you don’t necessarily need to grind your weed before smoking it in a Pipe or Bong, ground weed usually burns easier and gives you smoother hits.

Vaporizing weed is arguably the best option- one study even found that vaping cannabis produces stronger effects than smoking it. You’ll need a Dry Herb Vape Pen but once you have one, it’s as simple as adding some weed to the chamber and turning it on.

How To Use Weed

Where To Buy Hash And Weed

Whether you prefer the smooth effects of weed or the potency of Hash, you can buy them both online. GreenSociety.io provides a massive selection of marijuana products, including plenty of different strains of weed and many types of Hash.

When it comes to buying weed, indica strains are generally considered the best choice for relaxing effects whereas sativa strains are more energizing and stimulating. If you want a mix of indica and sativa effects, hybrid strains are ideal for you.

Hash can also be found in many different strains. There are also various types of Hash, such as Afghani Hash, Camel Hash, and Elephant Hash. These often differ slightly in terms of texture and potency, but all of them can give you a phenomenal high.


So Hash vs Weed: what’s the difference? While weed comes from the dried and cured flowers of marijuana plants, Hash is a concentrated product made by extracting and compressing the THC-rich trichomes of weed. 

Hash is usually better if you want potent THC effects, but many users find using weed more convenient. Whichever way, you have plenty of options to choose from and you can find weed, Hash, and various other cannabis products online at GreenSociety.io.

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