Top 15 Cannabis Brands In Canada

Top 15 Cannabis Brands In Canada

As the cannabis market grows in Canada, so does the range of cannabis products available to users. There are now many cannabis brands in Canada which offer different strains, edibles, tinctures, topicals, vape products, and all kinds of other ways to use cannabis. Consumers now have a huge selection, and you can even buy all of these products online for home delivery.

With so many different products to choose from, you might have a hard time. However, it always helps to check out the best cannabis brands to get high-quality products. Fortunately, here at, we stock products from all of the top cannabis brands. Here are the top 15 cannabis brands in Canada and some of their best wares to choose from.

1. 91 Supreme

If you’re looking for high-quality cannabis concentrates, 91 Supreme has you covered. This brand hails out of British Columbia and focuses on producing premium grade extracts. They supply a range of top-notch concentrates such as cannabis shatter, caviar, and resin.

These extracts also come in a variety of different strains. Whether you’re looking for an indica, sativa or hybrid concentrate, there’s something available for you. These products are perfect for vaping or dabbing, although you can also burn them up and add them to a joint or bowl. They contain high levels of THC to give you a hard-hitting high.

Popular products include their Notorious Duke Nukem Caviar, which delivers powerful hybrid effects, and their Sour Kush Shatter. However, various different strains and concentrates are available and you can view all 91 Supreme products here.

2. Atomic Concentrates

Atomic Concentrates is another company which focuses on delivering the best cannabis concentrates. They focus on delivering perfect quality concentrates every time, so you can rely on potent, flavorful marijuana products every time.

Their main product is shatter, which comes in various different varieties. You can get popular strains such as Nuken, Northern Lights, and Napalm OG in super potent shatter form. If you want a strong THC high, these products are ideal for you.

Their products are also full of flavor whether you choose to smoke or vape them. One option is the Atomic Concentrates Chernobyl Shatter, which gives you a sativa-dominant high with a tangy lime sherbet flavor. However, there’s a lot to choose from and you can check out all Atomic Concentrates products here.

Baked Edibles

3. Baked Edibles

Marijuana edibles come in all kinds of forms these days. While some people turn to things like cannabis gummies and cannabis teas, it’s hard to beat the classic edibles such as hash brownies and cannabis cookies. Luckily, Baked Edibles provides a range of delicious marijuana-infused foods.

As the name suggests, they produce baked cannabis edibles such as brownies, cookies, and even peanut butter cups. They also sell some unique edible products such as THC-infused milkshake mix.

These are some of the tastiest edibles on the market. You might want to try out the Baked Edibles Fudge Brownie, complete with 200mg of THC. They also make some great chocolate bars such as the Salted Caramel Seduction Chocolate Bar. You can view all Baked Edibles products here.

4. Buuda Bomb

Buuda Bomb is another leading company when it comes to cannabis edibles. Based out of Toronto, Buuda Bomb creates treats and candies which adhere to food safety protocols and also pack a potent dose of THC.

They’re mainly known for their tasty fruit gummies, which come in various flavors. However, those who want something a little different can also try out their chocolates. All of their edibles are split into sensible serving sizes, making it extremely easy to control your dosage and avoid a bad high.

You can try them out for yourself with the Buuda Bomb Strawberry Gummies, which contain ten pieces containing 10mg of THC each. Alternatively, try out their Cookies & Cream Chocolates which each contain 20mg of THC. You can see all Buuda Bomb products here.

5. Faded Cannabis Co.

Faded Cannabis Co. is a Vancouver, BC brand which make a range of cannabis products. They’re known for their premium extracts which cover a range of different strains. But that’s not all, they also create tasty edibles packed with THC.

Some of their most popular products include their cannabis candies. These mimic treats such as watermelon gummies, sour suckers, peach drops, and sour gummy bears. Not only do you get delicious sweet and sour treats, but you also get the effects of THC.

You can also try out some of their cannabis concentrates. Their Bubba Kush Shatter is ideal for those who want hard-hitting indica effects. Alternatively, their Jack Herer Shatter will give you an uplifting and energizing sativa high. You can check out all Faded Cannabis Co. products here.

Faded Cannabis Co.

6. Herbivores Edibles

Herbivores Edibles create cannabis edibles that remove the cannabis taste and leave you with delicious gummy treats. Their products are infused with potent THC distillates, making them fantastic for both recreational effects and medical use. The brand is based out of Vancouver and has a lot of products to offer.

Some popular products include their Key Sours, Cherry Sours, and Candy Colas. All of these packets of edibles are split into six level servings so that you can control your THC dosage without getting too high.

If you’re spoilt for choice, you can also try out one of their variety packs. Their Sour Pack gives you a range of sour treats to choose from. You can also check out their regular Variety Pack for all of their best edibles. This is one of the best cannabis brands in Canada when it comes to cannabis edibles. You can see all Herbivores Edibles products here.

7. High Heat Extracts

High Heat Extracts is another cannabis company from British Columbia which creates cannabis extracts. They use a rigorous manufacturing process to ensure consistent high-quality shatter and live resin from various different strains.

You can expect premium grade cannabis concentrates when you buy from High Heat Extracts. Whether you need a sativa, indica or hybrid concentrate, they have plenty on offer. Their shatter and live resin are perfect for dabbing, although you can also mix it with other products to smoke or vape.

They have a huge selection of strains to choose from, including Purple Haze Live Resin, Skywalker OG Shatter, Blue Dream Shatter, and White Widow Live Resin. These products are ideal for anyone who wants a strong dose of THC. You can see all High Heat Extracts products here.

8. Miss Envy Botanicals

If you’re looking for products primed for medical use, you should check out the range from Miss Envy Botanicals. This brand focuses on wellness products created with the medical benefits of cannabis. Their oils and extracts contain both THC and CBD, giving you powerful health perks along with a mild high.

If you need a quick dose of cannabinoids, you can use their Solvent-Free THC and CBD Tinctures. These bottles come in various quantities packed with all of the benefits you need. You can get them with THC or with both THC and CBD. Those who don’t want any intoxicating effects can also use their pure CBD tinctures.

They also provide a range of Phoenix Tears, also known as Rick Simpson Oil, a potent medicinal cannabis oil with great effects. You can check out the full range of Miss Envy Botanicals products here.

MOTA Cannabis Products


MOTA is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to cannabis edibles. Cannabis fans have most likely seen their gummies, chocolate bars, and even cannabis drinks at some point.

They provide a huge range of delicious cannabis treats. For instance, their Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar contains a whopping 300mg of THC for just $22.10. This can be split up into multiple servings to last you a while.

Alternatively, you can try out their drink mixes such as Iced Tea and Canna Cocoa. These allow you to mix the powerful effects of THC into delicious, drinkable form. They also make tasty fruit jellies and sour gummies, so there really is something for everyone. You can see all MOTA products here.

10. Platinum

Platinum is a new, upcoming Canadian cannabis brand based out of Vancouver, BC. They create a range of quality cannabis concentrates using a unique extraction process. They use 50% butane and 50% propane for their extractions, which is more beneficial for premium cannabis concentrates.

As such, Platinum has plenty of premium concentrates on offer. They mainly focus on shatter- a potent concentrate that gives you high levels of THC in a versatile form. These can be used for vaping or dabbing or you can mix them into a joint or bowl for an extra strong kick of THC.

They provide shatter in many different strains, including Golden Goat, Chocolope, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blue Cheese. Platinum may not be as well known as some other brands of extracts, but their products are well worth trying. You can view all Platinum products here.

11. Phyto Extractions

Phyto Extractions is yet another extraction company providing a range of cannabis concentrates to suit all users. In addition to their shatter products, they also create vape cartridges full of potent THC distillate.

You can try out their shatter in many different strains, ranging from strong indicas to sativas and everything in between. For instance, you can check out their Blueberry Shatter, Girl Scout Cookies Shatter, Crown Royale Shatter, and many more.

Their Phyto Extractions Vape Cartridges are also great for fans of vaping. You can view all Phyto Extractions products here.

The Green Room Cannabis

12. The Green Room

The Green Room is Green Society’s own range of AAAA+ grade cannabis flower strains. You can find a range of premium indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, all grown by expert growers straight out of Canada.

You’ll find many of your favorite strains, such as Gorilla Glue #4, Purple Dream, Violator Kush, King Louis XIII, and many more. All of these come in various quantities at affordable prices.

If you’re having a hard time choosing, you can also try a variety out with the Top Shelf 1/2 Ounce Mix & Match deal. Product descriptions and reviews are also available on all strains. You can view all The Green Room products here.

13. Twisted Extracts

Twisted Extracts is another one of the most popular cannabis brands in Canada. You’ll find their edibles in stores all over the country in a range of flavors and varieties. Twisted Extracts don’t just provide THC edibles, but also CBD edibles and edibles with a mix of both.

For an energizing kick, try the Cherry Sativa THC Jelly Bombs. If you want something more relaxing, the Black Cherry ZZZ Bombs will suit you. If you want a mix of both THC and CBD, their 1:1 Mango Jelly Bombs are perfect.

They also provide pure CBD jellies and caramels so there’s something to suit every kind of user. You can see all Twisted Extracts products here.

14. Wonka Extracts

Wonka Extracts is a brand that produces golden shatter concentrates in various different strains. What’s more, their shatter comes in delicious flavors while still giving you a powerful dose of THC at affordable prices.

Some of their popular creations include Butterscotch Shatter, Candy Cane Shatter, and Chocolate Fondue Shatter. These unique concentrates can provide you with all the medical benefits you need, along with an enjoyable buzz.

This is another great brand for cannabis extracts. You can view all Wonka Extracts products here.

15. XO Extracts

XO Extracts is a brand with over two decades of experience. If you want high-quality concentrates and extracts, this is a brand you can trust. In addition to their potent concentrates, they also create quality vape products to give you a quick hit of THC.

Their shatter comes in many popular strains, including Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze, Bubba Kush, and Blue Dream. You can also try out a few with the XO Extracts Assorted 4G Shatter Pack.

If you’re a fan of vaping, you can also try out their Disposable BHO Vape Pens or BHO Vape Cartridges which provide a strong hit of THC. These fantastic products make them another one of the best cannabis brands in Canada. You can check out all XO Extracts products here.

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