How to Eliminate the Smell of Marijuana

How to Eliminate the Smell of Marijuana

Although cannabis is legal in places like Canada, that doesn’t mean that you always want to announce to the world that you are enjoying a strain, particularly if it is a pungent one, like Sour Diesel. Flowers produce terpenes, which are chemicals that can attract pollinators and keep predators away through scent. While they can be great for enjoying marijuana, they are not so great when it comes to getting the smell off you. The smell of cannabis can be intoxicating, but it can also show the world that you have been taking some hits. Whether you want to be mindful of your housemates or just want to keep things to yourself, you can cover the smell of cannabis in a few ways.

Covering Up the Smell

Using incense is a common method of covering up the smell of cannabis since incense can have a strong scent. Some people also prefer to use patchouli oil, which is highly aromatic. It is made from the patchouli plant, and it has a lasting and pleasant scent. Some people believe patchouli oil can even have antidepressant properties. 

You can also try to use an air freshener, which will not completely eliminate the smell but can mask it effectively.

If you are indoors and need to take a hit sneakily, try doing it in the bathroom. Turn on the bathroom fan and strike some matches if you can. The smell from the matches will help you cover up a hit, and the fan should help cover any sounds while removing the smoke from your cannabis

You might also want to look for a special smoke eliminator. This special air freshener has a strong scent, such as citrus, and can get some of the smoke out of the air. It is a good starting point before you put some other smells in the air.

Burnt Popcorn

Burnt Popcorn

The smell of burnt popcorn can mask almost everything. It can cover up the smell of cannabis very well and it will linger in your air for a long time. Just remember that you do not want to start an actual fire when you are burning popcorn. Cooking it for a few seconds too long will be more than enough.

How to Prevent a Cannabis Smell

Consider smoking your joint after turning on the shower. Turn the shower on to the hottest setting to make sure that you are making steam. That way, the smell of the smoke can go out through the bathroom fan with the steam. Some people call this a Hawaiian hotbox. You can also put a towel on the floor next to the door to keep the smoke from escaping. Then, you can spray some air freshener in the room when you are done. 

To store your stash, look for a good airtight container. Food storage containers and glass canning jars are both good options. If you don’t have either, then you can also use a sandwich bag in another sandwich bag. If you can, consider getting a vacuum-sealed bag or container to keep the smell in. Make sure the container can protect your stash from UV light, and keep the cannabis out of the sun to prevent the plant matter from breaking down. 

Filtering the Smoke 

Some people like to use a toilet paper roll, dryer sheets, and rubber band to smoke in. Place the dryer sheet at one end of the roll and secure it with your rubber band. Then, exhale the smoke gently into the roll. You want to fill the roll with your exhaled smoke, not shoot it out of the end directly. It will still escape, but if you do this right, then you can diffuse the odour quite a bit. 

Smoke filters are also a method of keeping the odour to yourself. You can get manufactured filters, like portable ones to take with you and keep hidden away. They can swallow large amounts of smoke to easily camouflage the fact that you have been smoking.

Try Other Methods

Try Other Methods

Using a vape pen might not eliminate the smell completely, but it can reduce the odours that smoking will cause in the air. It might be a bit of an investment to get a good vape pen, but it can be a permanent solution to help reduce the smell of your cannabis. You can find many vaporizer items and vape pens online, and there are several different price points available to fit nearly any budget.

One of the advantages of a vape pen is that you can smoke wherever you want and not have to worry about filling your room with air freshener or trying to turn on all of the fans at once. Smoking a vape pen is not as simple as smoking a joint, but you can still learn to do it. You will need to remember your preferred temperature and make sure that your battery is ready to use anytime. 

Getting Rid of the Cannabis Smell on Yourself

You most likely do not want your hair or clothing to have a marijuana smell to them either. The good news is that you can find many products at grocery stores for masking the scent. You cafamon get a chewing gum in a mint flavour to freshen up your breath. Of course, it is always better to brush your teeth and use mouthwash if you can.

If you have been smoking, the best option is to change into fresh clothing and to take a shower and wash your hair. However, if you can’t do that, then using body spray, cologne, or perfume is a good option. Just remember that a little bit can go a long way. 

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to covering up the smell of cannabis, you have several options. Trying to prevent the smell in the first place will make it easier for you. That way, you can have peace of mind while you are enjoying a joint, pipe, blunt, or vape pen. 

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