Strain Review: Northern Lights

Northern Lights Strain Review

If your body and mind are overworked and need to have some relaxation, the Northern Lights strain is perfect for you. It is perfect for relaxing at night since it makes you feel both sedated and uplifted. The strain can offer a nearly hallucinogenic effect, and you might feel like the Northern Lights were brought to your home. 

The Basics of the Strain

If you ever see the real Northern Lights, they may be overwhelming to you. They can make you feel peaceful and calm, and the same is true of using the Northern Lights strain. It offers an experience that is out of the world. Thankfully, you can find it at many dispensaries today. 

The Northern Lights strain is one of the most common indica strains. Some medical marijuana patients use this strain. Also, if you want to wind down before bed, smoking this strain might be a good option for you. 

It is not certain where the Northern Lights strain came from. Some people believe that it was first grown in Seattle, but others believe that it was first grown in Holland and was made after 1985. No matter where the strain came from, its lineage means that it offers a full-body high that makes you feel very happy. 

It was created by combining a Thai sativa and an Afghani indica, and it has around 90 percent indica and 10 percent sativa. It is not likely to leave you feeling very focused or energized. The THC in this strain can range from 15 to 22 percent, and you will get a pleasant high. You will likely feel the effects after only a couple of hits. 

There are several phenotypes of the Northern Lights strain, and many medical cannabis users choose to use them. You can find Northern Lights in many dispensaries that focus on medical marijuana users. However, both recreational and medical users can get it easily. 

The Basics of the Strain

Appearance, Flavour, and Aroma

When you think of the real Northern Lights, you might think of a frozen tundra or a fantasy world. It might seem fitting then that the strain’s smell is piney and woodsy and reminds users of adventure in the woods. The scent can hit your nose immediately and is pungent. No matter what room you are in, you will likely fill it with the smell of the strain. However, the flavour can hit different notes, so there can be some variety.

When you first taste it, you will likely note the earthy, piney flavour. But it will soon become more dynamic than that. The flavour is often sweet, reminding users of candy. That gives it a great combination for a late-night smoke. Sometimes, you might also taste notes of citrus, which can make the flavour profile even more robust.

The buds of this strain are packed densely and have prominent, thick sugar leaves, which stick out a bit. The buds are olive green and might have some blue and purple going through them. That often looks similar to the colours in the real Northern Lights. 

The pistils of the plant can blend with the sugar leaves effortlessly. They have a deep orange, yet brassy appearance. The plant’s water leaves might be in a deep shade of green and show deep blue on their tips. 

Growing the Strain 

Another one of the benefits of the Northern Lights strain is that growing it is very easy. It resists pests, diseases, mould, and mildew very well. Plus, whether you are growing it inside or out, it is simple to grow. It is only a medium-size plant. 

These factors combined show that it is one of the best marijuana strains for growers, particularly for new cultivators. When you grow it outside, you need to have the right growing conditions. You would ideally use a warm, Mediterranean environment, similar to that of Northern Africa or California.

But you can also grow it inside if you regulate the temperature. You can use either traditional soil or hydroponics. There is a short flowering period of only seven to nine weeks, which is not as long as many other strains. You will get the delicious marijuana sooner than other types. 

When you grow it outside during a regular growing season, you can harvest it in the middle of October, and the yields will be about 623 grams for each plant. You won’t harvest quite as much if you grow it inside.

But no matter what growing method you choose, the Northern Lights strain can offer a positive growing experience since the plant resists diseases, does not have a long flowering period, and has a good yield to it. When these factors are combined, the strain is a simple one for growing.

Growing the Strain

The Effects of the Strain 

When you use Northern Lights, the strain might have euphoric, dreamy effects. It often causes users to feel more blissful and stay in an altered reality. They can be lazy physically and stay peaceful. Because of the full-bodied effects, instead of using this strain in the daytime, you should use it once the sun has gone down, so you can truly enjoy the strain. You might feel happy, and some users find that they notice psychoactive effects that place a pleasant glow on things, causing the world to look more vibrant.

When you are using Northern Lights strain, you might feel introspective or want to create something. But after a while, the effects will turn into exhaustion, causing you to feel sedated. After having a long night of this happiness, you might feel refreshed the next morning, when you are livelier. There are no “hangovers” after using the strain. 

Closing Thoughts 

Hopefully, you have learned a bit more about the Northern Lights strain and are ready to try it for yourself. Using a true indica can give you a great experience, and it can take both your body and mind to a better place. Whether you have ever seen the Northern Lights, using the Northern Lights strain can be just as fun. 

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